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Quick support team reply

Ok. So I tried the free version, my little charge liked it, so I bought the full version. I kept getting a “buy the full version” message, and started to feel rather frustrated. Turns out, the full version has a different icon which I didn’t realize, so I vented. My bad. All is well now. Thank you, app support!


This app continues to tell us to buy the full version. I thought we did that weeks ago. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing works and we can’t even find the app to purchase the full version. I’m going to try and find a different for my daughter to play and learn.

Not Compatible with IOS 11

My kid loves it but now she is very frustrated because this app no longer starts - please update!!!


My 5-year old loves this game! But has gotten addicted and its teaching him things he already knows very well. It IS for preschoolers but he's going into kindergarten. He won't let me delete it and get him a Kinder-first grade game. He says he likes it because he can build his own train, and he gets stickers. I DID pay $2.99 for this game, but at least he learned something!


My kids love this app. Only 4 stars because my 3.5 year old knows how to access the settings panel and changes everything. This is one of the few toddler apps that don't "lock" the settings from the child. I'd love to see that change.


My son loves this app. He is learning his numbers, matching, and colors at the age of two.

Not challenging

My 4 year old is not the brightest and was able to master this app within the first 10 minutes.

Great app for my three year old

I love this app perfect app for learning the basics!

My son loves it!

I have downloaded this game couple of days ago for my son specially, cause he always likes to play with my phone. So I thought why not find a game which he would love to play with and learn something as well; and guess what, my son loves this game. Thanks!


My son loves this app! We had the free version, but he was in to it that I just had to purchase the full version. He is two and knows numbers, colors, and matching because of this app. One feature I really love is the option to not do specific activities. He doesn't really care at all to choose stickers, and others are a little too hard. But this is an app he can definitely grow with!

So so

My kiddo loves this game and has really connected with it, but the control raises a good deal of frustration. Placement of pieces has to be perfect for them to stick; it's very twitchy.

Excellent App!!🙌

Wonderful app, with the help of this app.. My 3 y/o daughter now knows all her colors, shapes, letters and ect... She absolutely loves to learn now!!

Perfect for baby sisters ready to learn

This app is perfect for my sister! This app is so good for her because when I first got this app she didn't know the stuff she knows now! This app is perfect for kids who like to just play games, but what they don't realize is that they are learning too! This game is perfect app for your child or your niece or nephew or brother or sister, maybe it is perfect for your special baby in your life. Just saying this app is perfect for every baby.

Awesome app!

Totaly impressed with 22 learning and this app. The graphics, sounds and illustrations are great! My daughter loved the app too. There are so many "cheap" apps out there but this one... is not one of them. I will be downloading more apps for my kids from 22 learning.


This is great app for the little ones in the family. My nephews have used "Abby Monkey Basic Skills" for only five days so far and they are already so much better at counting and pattern recognition. And the fact that they would rather play the games in this app than disturb me when I watch ESPN is an added bonus!

Quality Game for my kids

This is the perfect app for my 4 year old, she loves playing the games and learning in a way that is fun and age appropriate. Her favorite is the shapes games, and she quickly learned almost all of them. Highly recommend this to all parents as a must have for summer trips.

Fun, cute, and educational!

It's such a fun app for the little learner in our house! There's a nice variety of fun educational games, such as counting, memory, and matching the letter, and the little rewards after each game (the sticker page, decorating the train, etc.) are a nice touch. All in all, this is a great app for learning some basics and having a little fun at the same time :)

Perfect mix of puzzles and games

You can never go wrong with an educational app from 22Learn. There are a ton of fun games and puzzles for kids to enjoy, making Basic Skills a must-have app!

Another great learning app for my niece and nephew! They LOVE it!

A great way to introduce kids to technology and learning at the same time! A great mix of lessons and games, not to mention a great babysitting tool! :) Highly recommend for all parents and teachers.

UPDATed full versions not working

i already update a full versions for my son but still asking me for updated and charge my credit its annoying.


Very disappointed. We loved it at first but within 5 minutes at the most my 4 year old lost interest. Anytime you close the app their progress has to start over. There is NO challenge really. I thought when we purchased the full version it would be challenging for her. Very disappointing that we spent the money for it.

Not on sale

Said the product was 67% off but was charged full price.

Navigation unpredictable

But apps is a hit with grAnddaughter

Entertaining !

This app is filled with colorful pictures. Lovely cartoons. And entertaining sounds. Any kid on the street would be hooked on it for hours. And it proved so at home with my own kid. Thanks !

A wonderful app for toddlers!

This is a great application for all preschool-bound kids. My daughter enjoys the monkey character and loves to get creative with the train design. I highly appreciate the amount of activities included and the option to modify the activities for my child to practice. A very useful educational tool! Thanks so much for your creativity! Great Update!

Totally Brilliant!!!

My daughter loves the monkey Abby. We already have so many apps with her and my daughter would still want more! I was really happy when I stubled upon this new one, which is totally brilliant! One of the best downloads since a long time. To get so much fun and education just for two dollars, is a dream. I can highly recommend this app. Thanks, looking forwards to another great apps!

Great app for little ones

As a parent of young children I'm constantly looking for new ways to help them learn the basics and Abby Basic Skills has them all. The interface is so intuitive that I don't have to show them how to use it they instinctively figure it out. The wide variety of activities keeps their attention and they have a lot of fun with this app and they don't even realize that they are learning valuable skills, they just think its fun to play. I love it!


I love this app. I'm constantly trying to find something to amuse my cousin with when I babysit her, and not many apps hold her attention. She loves all the games - the puzzle one is her favorite. They're all doing a wonder with her though. Thanks to the number one, she has even started to count. Hopefully the next update will have more games so she can learn more!

My son LOOOVES this game!

We have a lot of educational games on our iPad but my son always goes to this one first. I also have a 5 year old daughter who also likes these games but she already can do all of them very well, so please make also a version of this for older kids. Thanks for a gre

Love it!!!

This is an amazing app. My daughters (2 and 5) love this so much. It contains 14 wonderful proven activities from preschool and kindergarten curriculum. Definitely one of the best games for toddlers. Also please make for other grades!

Nice app

I really like that I can choose which area to target. This will be great in therapy so I can pick just associations or same/ different concepts for each student. I also like the sticker section to reinforce the skills learned. I really do not like the opening screen with all of the ads. My students constantly touch one of these sending us to the app store and wasting time. Please change this format and just be able to start the app without these annoying ads for your other apps.


Great app, well designed. Suitable educational tool for children, very interactive and nice animation effect. Most recommended.


It's a very educational app for young children. My little son is learning a lot of things while he's having fun, and that's great! It has also a lovely interface and beautiful graphics. Love it!


My grand daughter absolutely loves the game, she doesn't even know she's learning while playing.

Just wrong!

I bought the paid version from the beginning. And have loved this app. My son loves it and learns almost daily from it. But, some time in the last two updates we are getting a offer to buy the full version. Hum I own it and the interruption in his play makes him close the app. Big problem with me. Fix this immediately.

It wasn't what I expected as a therapy tool

My 2 year old enjoyed playing the games, but I was looking for something more therapy based.

No sound

I bought this and sound does not work! I want my money back!!! Very disappointed!!!

No sound!

Just bought this app and no sound! Cute graphics and fun games but would be better if sound worked. Buyer beware!

No sound

The trial version sound worked. Then I downloaded the full version and the sound stopped working. I'd like my money back!

Great app

I downloaded this for my almost 3 year old son. He loves it. I like that I was able to customize which games he did. He's a little young for some of them, he doesn't "get" them so I was able to shut those ones off, which is great. It would also be great if you were focusing in certain things-like letters, you could shut off everything else and just do the letter games.


There a lot of good things about this game. I like the variety, even if a child doesn't like a kind of activity, he will still do it because it won't be for too long. My son likes it all though. I think the reward stickers and 'build' your own train happen too often. I do like that the train you make is then used for real in the game. (actually, my son is bored by sliding the train cars). Also I wish we could turn the verbal reinforcers off or down...both the monkey and a person's voice are always saying good job.

Fantastic App

My 2 and a half year old daughter loves this game! It's been one of the only apps I have actually purchased for her because it's one of the few she goes back to time and time again! Has great setting controls to turn off games she wasn't ready for (such as the matching game) but as soon as she was I could turn it right back on for her! She loves the encouragement she gets from the adorable monkey and loves making her own train. This game was the best 2 bucks I've ever spent on an app. Great job Devs!

Good app but please REMOVE ADs

I bought this offering from the Abby series hoping the seller would have broken the mold from their previous apps and not include the 12 flashing/changing ads and 2 more buttons to show its catalog of apps but I was so disappointed that they are still there! This is an app for toddlers, having a 'start' in the middle surrounded by 12 flashing images and 2 more external links at the bottom can only confuse them. This is a paid app! If you have to put ads in it, make it less instrusive. Please consider put a 'more apps' button in the 'info' screen and remove the annoying, flashing ads.

Great app

My 2 year old loves this app. the colors and pictures are awesome. My complaint is that you don't have any place to track learning progress? That would be nice. Also the collection of stickers that she gets as a reward are lost every time we close the app. What also would be nice is to be able to buy the whole Abby collection in one app...not 5 different ones...

Good app!

Well worth the money. Lots of different activities - all done very well. However, don't like the repetitiveness of always returning to "sticker book" and "make your own train" activities. Please let us turn this off.

Glitchy but hoping it will be improved!

I don't think this app is as user-friendly for toddlers as it should be. The taps can be difficult to register and often when we swipe, it goes to another app altogether. Only to have to start again at the very beginning--meaning the home page. I also find the music to be odd, very redundant--a little spooky even. This app has a lot of promise but isn't there yet. Not for us. Still searching for one that actually accomplishes what this one was designed to do.

2 year old loves it

Must have. I download the free app and my 2 year loved it so much that I HAD to buy the full version. It's kid friendly and educational. Very happy with the app!


Just lost an hour to this game. So fun


It's an amazing brain game for you and your kids.

Love it but........

I use this app with my Sp Ed preschool students, and the only thing I wish was different is I wish I could turn off making the train. I pull kids from class to work with them, so I only have 15-20 minutes, and it takes a lot of time to make the train every few activities, and they need to practice the other skills more.

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