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Abby Monkey Basic Skills Pre K app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1104 ratings )
Games Education Educational Family
Developer: 22learn, LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.0.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Sep 2011
App size: 80.37 Mb

***** Winner of prestigious Recommended Seal awarded by Parents’ Choice Award Program
***** Developed by an award-winning education studios, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling apps for kids, in cooperation with educational specialists to best prepare your children for success in preschool and kindergarten curriculum.

Numbers, Patterns, Puzzles, Letters, Counting, Sizes, Shadows, Matching, Colors, Shapes, Differences and more -- you are on the right address!

BEST WAY TO PREPARE your kids for SUCCES in PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM! 14(!) great different exciting proven educational activities to develop your childs skills.

Its simple child-friendly interface offers children an engaging way to master essential preschool skills in the total of 14 (!) DIFFERENT EXCITING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (twelve educational activities + two creative activities). We sincerely hope your children will enjoy them all!


* “Like most parents, I know that multitasking is a must, not just an option. That’s why I love kids’ apps that touch on tons of educational topics and do it in style. The new Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is just such an app . . . Plainly, the tykes in my crew loved this app. Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is a homerun” -

* “Completely kid oriented; no complicating menus to navigate, bright colors, fun characters, and prizes make this app extremely easy to use and engaging for young children. The variety helps to keep my three-year-old engrossed” -

The ENTHUSIASTIC MONKEY CHARACTER is going to guide children through the whole game. As a reward after each round, children receive the opportunity to become creative artists and CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE TRAIN, or obtain STICKERS TO SHOW OFF ON THEIR BOARD!

12 Educational games included


Number Matching is a fun way to encourage both counting skills and number recognition. It is a great kindergarten or preschool game that is educational without taxing the brain too much.

Count the toys! Hearing the counting pronounced helps children to better remember the order of the numerals as well as get used to the counting procedure. Way to learn how to count!

Tap on the word that starts with the letter that was pronounced! Great for teaching children to realize the connection of letters to words, understand the position of the first letter, and practise matching the names of letters to their symbolic notation!

Gives children practice in the area of common patterns recognition.

Find the right shape! Teaches children recognition of names of common shapes (such as a square, rectangle, triangle and more).

Fix the broken toy! Enables your children to train fine motor skills and improve their logical thinking.

Trains understanding of the comparative nature of concepts of big, small and the same!

Match the toys! Serves to train childrens memory and understanding of the concept of the sameness.

Find the toy in a given color! Great both for children only beginning to learn and those who need additional practice.

Drag the object to its silhouette!

Tests the ability of comparing pictures and finding differences. Select the different toy among several others or find the same toy as the displayed one.

This part is designed to help kids learn and practice their ability to recognize things that go together and things that do not. It also increases the power of logical thinking and the problem solving skills.

Pros and cons of Abby Monkey Basic Skills Pre K app for iPhone and iPad

Abby Monkey Basic Skills Pre K app good for

Kids love it, there is no doubt the formula works, the kids are addicted to this learning method. Fun variation animations. It watches all basic skills,
Many different games that have colourful pictures and cute sounds. Will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Great app!
I enjoyed making a train and the matching card game. Winning stickers was a cool bonus.
My 5-year old loves this game! But has gotten addicted and its teaching him things he already knows very well. It IS for preschoolers but hes going into kindergarten. He wont let me delete it and get him a Kinder-first grade game. He says he likes it because he can build his own train, and he gets stickers. I DID pay $2.99 for this game, but at least he learned something!

Some bad moments

I bought three Time this application, and they ask me to pay again. They are stealing me. Very bad.
This app just isnt very helpful and it isnt what we thought we were buying. "Buy full version" appears onscreen with a dozen games, implying that we were buying one program with several different kinds of lessons. We are very disappointed with what we got.
Not very pleased at all. Wish I had read the reviews before purchase. Its the same thing over and over. My 3 year old got bored in minutes. I was thinking this had a lot of games in one by the screen shots. I do not recommend.
My little girl like the free trial. But when I down loaded the basic skills for $3.99 she finished it all it about 10 min and it then asked for another download for more money. Stay away the has to be better things to play and learn.
I use this app with my Sp Ed preschool students, and the only thing I wish was different is I wish I could turn off making the train. I pull kids from class to work with them, so I only have 15-20 minutes, and it takes a lot of time to make the train every few activities, and they need to practice the other skills more.
Must have. I download the free app and my 2 year loved it so much that I HAD to buy the full version. Its kid friendly and educational. Very happy with the app!

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