Abby Monkey Basic Skills Pre K App Reviews

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My 5-year old loves this game! But has gotten addicted and its teaching him things he already knows very well. It IS for preschoolers but hes going into kindergarten. He wont let me delete it and get him a Kinder-first grade game. He says he likes it because he can build his own train, and he gets stickers. I DID pay $2.99 for this game, but at least he learned something!

To short for the price

My little girl like the free trial. But when I down loaded the basic skills for $3.99 she finished it all it about 10 min and it then asked for another download for more money. Stay away the has to be better things to play and learn.


My kids love this app. Only 4 stars because my 3.5 year old knows how to access the settings panel and changes everything. This is one of the few toddler apps that dont "lock" the settings from the child. Id love to see that change.


My son loves this app. He is learning his numbers, matching, and colors at the age of two.

Not challenging

My 4 year old is not the brightest and was able to master this app within the first 10 minutes.

Great app for my three year old

I love this app perfect app for learning the basics!

My son loves it!

I have downloaded this game couple of days ago for my son specially, cause he always likes to play with my phone. So I thought why not find a game which he would love to play with and learn something as well; and guess what, my son loves this game. Thanks!


My son loves this app! We had the free version, but he was in to it that I just had to purchase the full version. He is two and knows numbers, colors, and matching because of this app. One feature I really love is the option to not do specific activities. He doesnt really care at all to choose stickers, and others are a little too hard. But this is an app he can definitely grow with!

So so

My kiddo loves this game and has really connected with it, but the control raises a good deal of frustration. Placement of pieces has to be perfect for them to stick; its very twitchy.

Not very pleased at all. Wish I had read the reviews before purchase. Its the same thing over and over. My 3 year old got bored in minutes. I was thinking this had a lot of games in one by the screen shots. I do not recommend.


This app just isnt very helpful and it isnt what we thought we were buying. "Buy full version" appears onscreen with a dozen games, implying that we were buying one program with several different kinds of lessons. We are very disappointed with what we got.

Excellent App!!

Wonderful app, with the help of this app.. My 3 y/o daughter now knows all her colors, shapes, letters and ect... She absolutely loves to learn now!!

Perfect for baby sisters ready to learn

This app is perfect for my sister! This app is so good for her because when I first got this app she didnt know the stuff she knows now! This app is perfect for kids who like to just play games, but what they dont realize is that they are learning too! This game is perfect app for your child or your niece or nephew or brother or sister, maybe it is perfect for your special baby in your life. Just saying this app is perfect for every baby.

Awesome app!

Totaly impressed with 22 learning and this app. The graphics, sounds and illustrations are great! My daughter loved the app too. There are so many "cheap" apps out there but this one... is not one of them. I will be downloading more apps for my kids from 22 learning.


This is great app for the little ones in the family. My nephews have used "Abby Monkey Basic Skills" for only five days so far and they are already so much better at counting and pattern recognition. And the fact that they would rather play the games in this app than disturb me when I watch ESPN is an added bonus!

Quality Game for my kids

This is the perfect app for my 4 year old, she loves playing the games and learning in a way that is fun and age appropriate. Her favorite is the shapes games, and she quickly learned almost all of them. Highly recommend this to all parents as a must have for summer trips.

Fun, cute, and educational!

Its such a fun app for the little learner in our house! Theres a nice variety of fun educational games, such as counting, memory, and matching the letter, and the little rewards after each game (the sticker page, decorating the train, etc.) are a nice touch. All in all, this is a great app for learning some basics and having a little fun at the same time :)

Perfect mix of puzzles and games

You can never go wrong with an educational app from 22Learn. There are a ton of fun games and puzzles for kids to enjoy, making Basic Skills a must-have app!

Another great learning app for my niece and nephew! They LOVE it!

A great way to introduce kids to technology and learning at the same time! A great mix of lessons and games, not to mention a great babysitting tool! :) Highly recommend for all parents and teachers.

UPDATed full versions not working

i already update a full versions for my son but still asking me for updated and charge my credit its annoying.

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