Abby Monkey Basic Skills Pre K App Reviews

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I bought three Time this application, and they ask me to pay again. They are stealing me. Very bad.

Learning while having fun!!!

Kids love it, there is no doubt the formula works, the kids are addicted to this learning method. Fun variation animations. It watches all basic skills,

Great for the little ones

Many different games that have colourful pictures and cute sounds. Will keep your little ones entertained for hours. Great app!

It was fun!

It has tons of games. It was awesome!

Great fun

I enjoyed making a train and the matching card game. Winning stickers was a cool bonus.


This app just isnt very helpful and it isnt what we thought we were buying. "Buy full version" appears onscreen with a dozen games, implying that we were buying one program with several different kinds of lessons. We are very disappointed with what we got.

Not very pleased at all. Wish I had read the reviews before purchase. Its the same thing over and over. My 3 year old got bored in minutes. I was thinking this had a lot of games in one by the screen shots. I do not recommend.

To short for the price

My little girl like the free trial. But when I down loaded the basic skills for $3.99 she finished it all it about 10 min and it then asked for another download for more money. Stay away the has to be better things to play and learn.


My 5-year old loves this game! But has gotten addicted and its teaching him things he already knows very well. It IS for preschoolers but hes going into kindergarten. He wont let me delete it and get him a Kinder-first grade game. He says he likes it because he can build his own train, and he gets stickers. I DID pay $2.99 for this game, but at least he learned something!

Great app

My kids have fun learning and playing with this app.


This game is great,its worth downloading!!


This game is awesome. Great price,great gameplay.

Love it but........

I use this app with my Sp Ed preschool students, and the only thing I wish was different is I wish I could turn off making the train. I pull kids from class to work with them, so I only have 15-20 minutes, and it takes a lot of time to make the train every few activities, and they need to practice the other skills more.


Its an amazing brain game for you and your kids.


Just lost an hour to this game. So fun

2 year old loves it

Must have. I download the free app and my 2 year loved it so much that I HAD to buy the full version. Its kid friendly and educational. Very happy with the app!

Glitchy but hoping it will be improved!

I dont think this app is as user-friendly for toddlers as it should be. The taps can be difficult to register and often when we swipe, it goes to another app altogether. Only to have to start again at the very beginning--meaning the home page. I also find the music to be odd, very redundant--a little spooky even. This app has a lot of promise but isnt there yet. Not for us. Still searching for one that actually accomplishes what this one was designed to do.

Good app!

Well worth the money. Lots of different activities - all done very well. However, dont like the repetitiveness of always returning to "sticker book" and "make your own train" activities. Please let us turn this off.

Great app

My 2 year old loves this app. the colors and pictures are awesome. My complaint is that you dont have any place to track learning progress? That would be nice. Also the collection of stickers that she gets as a reward are lost every time we close the app. What also would be nice is to be able to buy the whole Abby collection in one app...not 5 different ones...

Good app but please REMOVE ADs

I bought this offering from the Abby series hoping the seller would have broken the mold from their previous apps and not include the 12 flashing/changing ads and 2 more buttons to show its catalog of apps but I was so disappointed that they are still there! This is an app for toddlers, having a start in the middle surrounded by 12 flashing images and 2 more external links at the bottom can only confuse them. This is a paid app! If you have to put ads in it, make it less instrusive. Please consider put a more apps button in the info screen and remove the annoying, flashing ads.

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